membership in the SPSA

Membership in the SPSA is compulsory for all full-time, part-time and apprenticeship students; all students pay an annual mandatory fee based on their membership category.

CredentialSA Fee Infrastructure FeeHealth & Dental Fee
Advanced Diploma$160.00$40.00$280
Bachelor Degree$160.00$40.00$280
Post-Graduate Certificate$160.00$40.00$280
*Students Returning To Complete One Semester$80.00$20.00See SPSA
Advanced Certificate$80.00$20.00See SPSA
Applied Certificate$80.00$20.00See SPSA
Apprenticeship$40.00$10.00See SPSA
Certificate of Achievement$40.00$10.00See SPSA

*Students returning to complete a program, taking one course, will not be assessed the Health and Dental Plan fee.


  1. Student Government Elections and appointments
  2. Council Connect
  3. Federal Student Advocacy Alliance (Founding Member)
  4. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Board of Directors
  5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Academic Council
  6. Associate Deans/Directors Group
  7. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Hiring Committees
  8. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Committee
  9. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policy Review Committee
  10. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Indigenous Steering Committee
  11. Academic and Non-Academic Conduct Appeal Panel
  12. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching Selection Committee
  13. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Provost Advisory Committee

Publications & Information

  1. Social Media Feeds
  2. TV Communication System
  3. SPSA Connect – the official app of the SPSA
  4. Various Informational Brochures for Students
  5. SPSA Student Handbook/Day Planner
  6. Website –
  7. Campus Bulletin Boards
  8. The Swipe – the SPSA monthly e-newsletter


  1. Pubs
  2. Welcome Week Activities
  3. Family Events
  4. Fundraising for Charitable Organizations
  5. Student Orientations
  6. Student Clubs
  7. Stress Better Weeks
  8. Cultural and Social Events
  9. Contests and Giveaways