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There are three Campus Council Director positions available at each of the four Sask Polytech locations. Director positions are appointment through an application and interview process administered by the Executive Council. The role of Campus Council Directors is to act as visionaries in the development and improvement of student services and an inclusive and healthy campus community atmosphere. The Directors also solicit feedback and information on student issues and trends.

Applications for Director Appointments Open - September 14 - 18 2020.  Applications close at 4pm.

Applicant Interview Process - September 21- 25, 2020.

Director Appointment Application Package


2020-21 SPSA Executive Council Election Results:

President - Jesse White
VP Finance and Internal Operations - JJ Lang
VP Moose Jaw - Marina Verchenova
VP Prince Albert- Dhananjay Khanna
VP Regina - Reece Skjonsby
VP Saskatoon - Thao Pham

As of April 3, 2020, the Electoral Operations Committee reviewed the recommendations forwarded by legal counsel and recommended to General Council that the 2020 Spring Election be moved to an online platform.

The SPSA Elections will be held via an online voting system.  In order to facilitate voting, all valid students will receive a link to access their ballots.  There will be a two-day voting period (April 28-29, 2020) wherein students can vote for their chosen candidates.  You can only vote once, and your voting choices will remain anonymous.  Please note that, once you submit your ballot, you will be unable to access it again.  Once cast, a vote cannot be changed, so please ensure that the choices on your ballot are correct before you submit it.

Prior to the online voting, we encourage you to visit the 2020-21 Candidates tab to learn more about the candidates.

2020-21 Election Results

2020-21 Election Results

  • Jesse White

    • Jesse White: President

      With 84.7% in support of the candidate, Jesse White is the 2020-21 SPSA President.

    JJ Lang

    • JJ Lang: VP Finance and Internal Operations

      With 50.6% in support of candidate, JJ Lang is the 2020-21 SPSA VP Finance and Internal Operations.

    Marina Verchenova

    • Marina Verchenova: VP Moose Jaw

      With 85.6% in support of candidate, Marina Verchenova was elected the 2020-21 SPSA VP Moose Jaw.

    Dhananjay Khanna

    • Dhananjay Khanna: VP Prince Albert

      With 58.9% in support of candidate, Dhananjay Khanna is the 2020-21 SPSA VP Prince Albert.

    Reece Skjonsby

    • Reece Skjonsby: VP Regina

      With 93.7% of voters in support of the candidate, Reece Skjonsby was elected the 2020-21 SPSA VP Regina.

    Thao Pham

    • Thao Pham: VP Saskatoon

      With 90.7% of voters in support of the candidate, Thao Pham was elected the 2020-21 SPSA VP Saskatoon.